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Nano -Bio Technology

Nanoparticles can be applied to a wide variety of the multidisciplinary fields including nanomedicine, nanofood, and nanocosmetics. Among various engineered nanomaterials, inorganic nanoparticles have attracted a great deal of interest as efficient delivery nanocarriers for drugs, gene molecules, biomedical products, nutrients, and functional molecules.

The most elementary term, nanomedicine, represents nanodevices used to diagnose and cure diseases at nanoscale with site-specific therapeutic action and minimized side effects. One of the more advanced and defined nanomedicines is the nanomaterial -based drug delivery system, which is designed to improve the pharmacological and therapeutic efficacy of drugs.

The most extensively commercialized branch of nanotechnology is nanocosmetics. Nano -ingredients such as metal oxide nanoparticles and carbon fullerenes are used not only to protect active substance, but also to enhance the skin penetrating efficiency.

Recently, the impacts of nanotechnology on the food and food processing industries are growing in order to improve the food safety and nutritional effect.